MOST ANTICIPATED – 24th January 2018

Happy NCBD! And welcome to Comic Black Book’s weekly MOST ANTICIPATED post. This week we have Neil, Ox and Kirk from the Comic Black Book community with their picks. So let’s jump straight in.


Neil picks Thanos #15 on Marvel Comics

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Geoff Shaw
Colorist: Antonio Fabela
Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Neil: Well look here I’ve picked ANOTHER Donny Cates book!! Seeing that 85% of my pull list is Cates stories (it’s a small pull list) you’ve probably realised Mr Cates is currently my favourite writer. Redneck, Reactor, Babyteeth, Doctor Strange and now Thanos are all exceptionally well-written comics. Thanos has been my favourite big bad since my first time reading Infinity Gauntlet. He may have been around before then, but that story took me places and was almost my first experience of the Marvel Cosmic universe. Cates has really grasped the power of Thanos and run with it and as much as I want to tell you all, I have to hold back. If you have to pick up one Marvel title… just one… pick this one. Oh did I mention COSMIC GHOST RIDER!!


Ox picks Dissonance #1 on Image Comics

Writer: Singgih Nugroho
Artist: Sami Basri

Ox: A strange, different reality brings this new story to us from Image. With a color palette that exudes pastel and neon colors – comes a story about siblings with supposing worldviews. They are also trying to prove themselves to their parents to take over for them. I believe this story is going to be a grand story told through three different lenses because a third is set up in the form of a guard sent to prevent and catastrophic event. I’m onboard and looking to see the crazy places this wild trip takes me!


Kirk picks Sex Criminals #21 on Image Comics

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Chip Zdarsky

Kirk: Issue 21 begins part one of the 5th arc that is arguably one of the best comics being printed… when it’s actually released on schedule. Matt has multiple titles going and Zdarsky is now corrupting young minds with his very own Spider-Man title. So their Creator-owned project suffers from consistency which also ends up hurting it’s story. Yes, I know that I blindly defend this series. And yes, this is the hill I’ve chosen to die on. Sex Criminals, aside from being the most insane concept in comics (people with magical orgasm powers slowly discover that there are others like them. Basically saucy X-Men) is also a book that dares to have brave conversations about everyday things that people should never be ashamed about. Fraction makes discussions about sex, kinks, and navigating real relationship issues just as exciting as the dildo nunchucks and glowing hentai apparitions you’re bound to run into at any given point reading this series. I have faith in this comic and our creative team to bring this series back on track.

On a separate and expressly personal note, I can’t even tell you just how awesome this week’s is. You’re getting new Monstress, Southern Bastards, Dissonance, and Regression from Image. Kid Lobotomy from IDW (my personal new favorite). There’s also Abbott that’s getting all the hype from BOOM! Studios. There’s even Sherlock Frankenstein from Dark Horse and so much more. What I‘m saying is, some of the best comics and mind-bending stories are being published right now that don’t have Marvel or DC on the cover. Go hit your local comic shop this week, boot up that Comixology account, and come back to tell me what you took a chance on. There’s some pretty rad shit out there to discover.