MOST ANTICIPATED – 7th February 2018

February is here and we’ve had several trailers to salivate over thanks to the Super Bowl. MI: Fallout, Solo, Westworld S, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Deadpool 2 Cable tease landed today. Go hunt them down as all worth a watch.

For now though, read on as Kirk, Melinoe and Ox make their choices for MOST ANTICIPATED comics on sale 7th February. A little tease, its a full deck of Image Comics this week.


Ox picks I Hate Fairyland #16 on Image Comics

Writer/Artist: Skottie Young

Ox: This week is tough. We have three heavy hitters coming to bat (pun definitely intended)! Extremity’ 11th of 12 issues comes out and the climax is here! The storylines are converging on each other now and we see this story nearing the end. Daniel Warren Johnson has done something special with this passion project of his! You’d also think it was time to get ramped up for Sean Gordon Murphy’s White Knight story as well. Now it’s past the tipping point, here it sits with the 5th of 8 issues and what looks to be an easy walk towards getting picked up for a second arc with the sales it’s pulling…but the most anticipated for this week is Gert and I Hate Fairyland! It returns and I’m looking forward to seeing this madness train continue on! The first arc introduced us to this world and characters that Gert effortlessly slaughters her way through…the second arc gave her an equal that rivalled her early storylines…and the third was a concoction of simple madness as Gert continued her murder spree. It was also teased that along the way Gert will meet her end. Is this the arc that’s going to do that? Skottie has been teasing something on his Instagram and has even shown Duncan Dragon (a small boy who got trapped in Fairyland in his dragon outfit) showing back up!!! I can’t wait!!


Melinoe picks Scales & Scoundrels #6 on Image Comics

Writer: Sebastian Girner
Artist: GALAAD

Melinoe: I have to be honest when I first read this book I didn’t realize it was all ages. It wasn’t until afterwards when I had fallen in love with the book that I realized it and immediately gave it to my little cousin to read which she, in turn, fell in love. This book is about a Dragon masquerading as a girl seeking adventure and gold (mostly gold) but settling for a nice meal most of the time. She meets a group of adventurers and they travel into a dungeon where they meet all sorts of creatures and citizens and it’s honestly a ton of fun. I also like that they do flesh out the supporting cast and make you actually care about them rather than them being background fodder. I’m very interested to see where her being a dragon will lead to later on. I tweeted to the whole Scales and Scoundrels team to let them know how utterly amazing this series is and they were absolute sweethearts. I can’t recommend this book enough for you or the kids in your life.


Kirk picks Snotgirl #9 on Image Comics

Writer: Bryan Lee O’Malley
Artist: Leslie Hung

Kirk: I originally picked up Snotgirl because Bryan was already behind 2 of my favorite projects. Scott Pilgrim and Seconds are graphic novels that I use to bait the comic curious without any guilt what-so-ever. Because it tends to usually work and a few months later I have a new comic reader beyond the tights and capes crowd that’s always hitting me up for the next indie publisher tip. Curiously, Snotgirl is Bryan’s first (bi)-monthly ongoing that he’s written and what started out as a guilty pleasure read quickly became an addictive social commentary on who our world becomes when you live a life of constantly having to keep up your social media brand. Everything from the people you associate with to the bad decisions you disassociate from as you’re making them. As is the ongoing through line with Bryan’s work, the main characters are not entirely likeable. But you will hate yourself wanting the next issue because these characters are relatable. The other side of the equation is Leslie Hung on art duties. Every panel is frame-ready. Her character designs exude opulence that is also simultaneously approachable. Snotgirl’s rotation of fashion bloggers and social media scenesters need these qualities that Leslie’s work can only infuse. I say this with the full knowledge what the weight of these next words mean: Leslie Hung is challenging the ongoing comic art game on the same level as SAGA’s Fiona Staples.

That’s it for this week. Let us know in the comments below what your MOST ANTICIPATED comic of this week is.