MOST ANTICIPATED – on sale 13th December 2017

New Comic Book Day is here! Therefore the weekly “MOST ANTICIPATED” comics post is ready for your perusal.

This week we have Melinoe, Textnext, Stilt-Man, SamuraiOx and NeilTheGeekFather with their choices.


NeilTheGeekFather picks Gravetrancers #1 on Black Mask Studios

Writer: Mark L. Miller
Artist: James Whynot
Publisher: Black Mask Studios

Neil: Black Mask Studios are an indie publisher that doesn’t release masses of comics each year, but when they do release a comic you can almost be guaranteed something different. This year we had Beautiful Canvas and The Dregs, the latter being something that has gone criminally unnoticed by many people. Ending 2017 Black Mask is releasing Gravetrancers. Reading the basic synopsis back in late September I knew this was for me. You see I like my comics dark, twisted and a little creepy. Yes, I still have a love for superhero storylines but the call to the darkness grows in me…daily. Gravetrancers is going down that dark path by having a story that features grave-robbers who’ve devised a highly-addictive drug made from human remains-and the fresher the corpse, the stronger the dose. Some people may think that’s a little too much, but for me, I say “pass the joint and bring it the fuck on”. The psychedelic art on the cover is outstanding and I hope it continues on each page as this could be the worse “trip” we’ve all ever experienced.


Melinoe picks Harrow County #28 on Dark Horse Comics

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Tyler Crook
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Melinoe: This week I was fighting really hard between Harrow County #28 and Giants #1. You have to hand it to Dark Horse for releasing some amazing series. Ultimately I had to go with Harrow County 28 because this is without a doubt my favorite horror series. A southern gothic series with twisted fairytales and awash with beautiful art. The series is about a girl that finds out she’s a witch and it deals with old black magic, family issues and a skinless boy familiar. This series is something that I recommend to everyone no matter what they’re into. I seriously cannot wait for this issue after the cliffhanger of the last one.



Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Jeff Lemire
Publisher: Image Comics

Stilt-Man: This Wednesday is a very light week for me but the quiet yet powerful Royal City by Jeff Lemire has me more than excited. Royal City focuses on a blue color family and how they cope with the loss of a loved one. When this story first began we were in the present, witnessing the lasting effect of there youngest memetic Tommy’s death. But now 8 issues you in we find ourselves in 1993 witnessing the last week of Tommy’s life. Jeff Lemire is no stranger to soft and sombre stories, but between the mystery and emotional weight, Royal City is able to a step above what we’ve come to expect from Lemire.


Textnext picks Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #88 on DC Comics

Writer: Derek Fridolfs
Artist: Randy Elliott
Publisher: DC Comics

Textnext: This’ll be my first Scooby-Doo, Where Are You issue! I used to be a big fan of Scooby-Doo when I was really young but I stopped watching at about 7 years old and drifted away to more “grown-up” things like Ben 10 and Teen Titans (I know, it’s as dumb as it sounds). Anyway, I’m just so hyped to delve back into the world of Scooby-Doo. Classic Scooby-Doo, none of this new-fangled Apocalypse stuff!


SamuraiOx picks Rumble #1 on Image Comics

Writer: John Arcudi
Artist: David Rubin
Publisher: Image Comics

Ox: Rumble looks bonkers! Imagine an ancient warrior god is resurrected as a scarecrow…from the preview pages that I’ve seen, it looks like a refined Extremity art style and sure to be plenty of fighting going on! John Arcudi is writing again after the series from a couple years back. This is a brand new starting point with new artist David Rubin. Looking forward to the madness because all one needs is a sword close to make a difference!

That’s all for this week. What did you pick? Did you pick any of the above? Let us know in the comments below.