MOST ANTICIPATED – on sale 3rd January 2018

Firstly, Happy New Year from everyone here at Comic Black Book. Let’s hope 2018 is one hell of an improvement on 2017.

Today is the first NCBD of 2018 and there is a plethora of comics to choose from. Therefore let Comic Black Book community members tell you their “Most Anticipated” comics on sale January 3rd. This week we have NeilTheGeekFather and Melinoe, plus Kirk has treated us with 3 choices for the first week of 2018!. He’s most definitely spoiling us.


Melinoe picks Crosswind #6 on Image Comics

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Cat Staggs
Publisher: Image Comics

Melinoe: Many know that I’m a MASSIVE fan of Gail Simone and her wonderful work but I somehow never got to read Crosswind. I finally saved up enough money to get it a couple of days ago and couldn’t put it down. I’m not sure what I expected out of this series but the most prominent word I can think of is “satisfying”. There are things that you can guess are going to happen as the issues progress and when they do it feels so right and it’s usually hilarious to see. The series is about a housewife stuck in a pretty terrible life and a hitman in a world that he’s pretty quickly screwing up, who end up switching bodies. I was honestly pleasantly surprised about what happens in the switch-up and I’m completely in love with all of the characters and the amazing art. I recommend this to everyone whether you think this is going to be for you or not (It’s Gail, you know it’s going to be good).


NeilTheGeekFather picks Babyteeth #7 on Aftershock Comics

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Garry Brown
Publisher: Aftershock Comics

Neil: Babyteeth consistently leaves me wanting more after each issue. God knows how much more Donny Cates can give. Because in the first 6 issues, we have had warlocks, assassins, inter-dimensional portals, secret societies and baby Clark, the hellspawn himself. The strong but dysfunctional Ritter family are literally experiencing hell. Seeing this is horrifying, but Sadie recording her story for Clark in his future life is heart-warming. He may be a demonic hellspawn but he’s her demonic hellspawn. Cates is a serious storyteller, consistently writing a distinctive and captivating read. He and artist Garry Brown are putting all their energy into this one and I cannot wait to continue their story.


Kirk picks Paper Girls #19 on Image Comics

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Cliff Chang
Publisher: Image Comics

Kirk: Sometimes you can have no idea what’s going on in a comic and still love the hell out of it. BKV’s creator-owned story of a 1980’s group of paper deliver girls has gone everywhere from the Neanderthal past to an unsure far-flung future, and while the self-contained arcs have played out as neatly contained lost-in-time meets Goonies adventures, the main point of what the heck’s going on is slowly coming into focus with the introduction of new characters that seem to have answers that us readers would like to hear if they would just stop trying to kill our leads. Also, giant freakin’ robots.


Kirk picks Rogue & Gambit #1 on Marvel Comics

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Pere Perez
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Kirk: Damn it, nostalgia! If you want to reignite my 90’s X-Men feels, then this certainly is how you damn well do it. Reuniting the X-men’s greatest couple (sorry, Cyclops and whoever’s life you’re ruining at the moment) on an undercover mission for Kitty Pyrde has my money by tugging on those X-Men soap opera vibes. Kelly Thompson writes layered female characters which are essential for a Rogue-centric story. I’m also excited about the Pere Perez art as his skills have strengthened with every new project.


Kirk picks Extremity #10 on Image Comics

Writer: Daniel Warren Thompson
Artist: Daniel Warren Thompson
Publisher: Image Comics

Kirk: Extremity is one of the best comics being printed. Hands down. It is the most brutal dissection of the poison that ravages a person’s life in their quest for revenge. Set in one of the most originally realized fantasy worlds of floating castles, warring tribes, occupied by 3-headed dragons and killer cyborgs. Stunning art highlighting ruthless battles and heartfelt emotional beats that other creators of the revenge genre need to take notice of.

That’s it for our first “MOST ANTICIPATED” post of 2018. Let us know what you’re picking up in the comments below.