MOST ANTICIPATED – on sale 6th December 2017

It’s that time of the week again, so sit back, relax and see what comics members of the Comic Black Book community are “MOST ANTICIPATING” this week.

This week we have Melinoe, SamuraiOx, KirkFM, Stilt-Man and Big Ounce with their choices.


Melinoe picks WitchBlade #1 on Top Cow Productions

Writer: Caitlin Kittredge
Artist: Bryan Valenza
Publisher: Top Cow Productions

Melinoe: So Witchblade is a series that’s been around for a long time. Some of you have probably seen the covers of an almost naked woman running around fighting demons. Or you’ve seen the painfully short-lived series/webcomic The Switch from Stjepan Sejic. Or even the live-action tv show and anime. This series has gotten around, so you can imagine my surprise when I see Image coming out with a brand new Witchblade series. Including a brand new host, which of course got me excited. The art alone looks amazing, but it’s also being written by the writer of the excellent series Coffin Hill. After falling in love with Switch and Coffin Hill I can’t imagine that this won’t be a must read in the Witchblade mythos. I have a feeling that this is going to make me go back down a nostalgia road trip through my childhood.


Stilt-Man picks Doctor Strange #382 on Marvel Comics

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Stilt-Man: Coming off the heels of a run such as Jason Aaron’s, there has been a new standard set for Doctor Strange comics. Marvel newcomer Donny Cates has come out all guns blazing. Ripping down what we know to be Doctor Strange and building a story that is truly his own. In issue one of this new arc, we meet our new sorcerer supreme Loki. And see our dear friend Stephen Strange taking on a new role as a veterinarian. In this new issue, we’ll get to see the two face off, and learn Loki’s true intentions. Donny Cates has shown to be a great comic book writer through indie comics such as God Country, Redneck and Baby Teeth. I️ cannot wait to see what he has in store for Doctor Strange and the rest of the Marvel universe.


Big Ounce picks The Walking Dead #174 on Image Comics

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Charlie Adlard
Publisher: Image Comics

Big Ounce: For the past few years now, The Walking Dead has gone through many new developments. Communities were built and alliances were made post “All-Out-War”. Characters were living it up, zombies merely becoming a bee that appeared every so often. But when the new villains arrived and caused massive damage, a war was made. With the battle over and bodies being put to rest, a character who’s come out of it is former big bad Negan. The Walking Dead #174 tells the story of Negan’s everyday life. Rick having set him free for the part he played in ending the recent war. This issue interests me on many levels, namely that it follows my favorite character. To see him having to adjust to a solitary new existence, one where he is alone, it fills me with anticipation. Even though the issue is billed as a mere one-off, the groundwork it will set is sure to play out in spectacular fashion.


Kirk picks Barbarella #1 on Dynamite

Writer: Mike Carey
Artist: Kenan Yarar
Publisher: Dynamite

Kirk: Won’t lie, guys. I’m going into this one blind and with cautious expectations. The original 1968 Barbarella film has had a long-lasting impression on me at a very early (too early?) age. A Sultry Space Babe in the 41st century on a mission to save the galaxy played by Jane Fonda who would become an accidental archetype for a genre that was still discovering itself. What I didn’t realize then is that Barbarella originally started as a comic character in a French publication called V Magazine. The character courted controversy as the eroticism the stories portrayed were considered pornographic for the time. Dynamite has a pretty good track record with me as a publisher that picks up the rights to less popular pulp heroes and continuing their stories with a sharp eye firmly cast on their legacy. Mike Carrey writes stories just outside the norm using elements that are familiar to the reader before suddenly turning the ideas he’s introduced on their ear. I’m also excited about Yarar’s art in this book as it seems he’s keeping it in the flavor of the French comic art style. The preview pages I’ve seen remind me of Kagan McLeod’s work on Kaptara leaning towards a Moebius influence. It should be noted that the comic is being solicited as mature content. *pump fist*


SamuraiOx picks Batman: White Knight #3 on DC Comics

Writer: Sean Murphy
Artist: Sean Murphy
Publisher: DC Comics

Ox: This NCBD brings us the third Batman: White Knight from Sean Gordon Murphy and I’m pumped! From his Twitter and Instagram feeds he has been showing off the rivalry between 2 Harleys. One that made fun of the ‘Suicide Squad’ version of Harley pitted against a classier and sophisticated, older-style Harley. The variant cover even shows older wearing the classic jumper too! Murphy’s strong female presence rings true in both designs and along with this rivalry starting, we also get to explore Joker a little further as him and the old Harley rekindle their love. Joker’s plan has been set into motion and I believe we start to see those dominoes start to fall. With only 8 issues in the series, we should be starting to see the shift that shows why Batman has a spotlight cast on him that shows him more as a menace and allows Joker to get the upper hand. I’m more than along for the ride and can’t wait to see the Hyenas again! I’m excited about the new issue because it already gets me that much closer to the next issue! Hollingsworth’s muted tones really show off SGM’s darkened inkwork and gives this story the extra grit it deserves. With the first issue going into the 3rd printing, the second issue in the second printing…if you haven’t picked up this run yet, there’s a chance you can dive in from the start, but I’d show up early to snag them!

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