DC Drops Final Trailer for Wonder Woman

It’s about that time when we all collectively get our hopes up, because this looks like it is actually going to deliver on our expectations.

The final Wonder Woman trailer revealed itself during the MTV Movie Awards, which I swear I’ve completely forgotten all about after seeing this.

In the trailer, we get a really good look at the movie’s antagonists, as well as one of those leading Chris’ that everyone keeps having a hard time getting straight, flashing off his comedic chops. And of course, more Gal Gadot who looks stunning and hurts to stare at directly more so than our own sun. I am worried about the amount of slow motion all the trailers keep utilizing however, and the fact that I had the same expectations for this movie that I did for Suicide Squad is not a good indication. I mean, we all know how that worked out.

But don’t take my word for it, press play on the trailer and comment your thoughts below. Is DC finally going to get it right? Will Gal ever return my phone calls? Can someone let me know when restraining orders finally expire?

Wonder Woman hits theaters stateside June 2.