Comic Review: Deathstroke #18


Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Christopher Priest
Art by: Norman Rapmund, Joe Bennet

Just before we dive into this book, I would like to announce that Deathstroke has been nominated for an Eisner award for best series. I firmly believe that this series deserves it. Let’s dive into it.

Deathstroke #18. Where do I start? After the assassination of a certain character (no spoilers!), Jericho finally makes the decision to kill Slade. What comes after is heartbreaking. While Jericho is pouring his heart out and about to kill Slade, Slade does nothing. The master assassin just takes it. This is what comics should be about.

The beautiful art tells the story better than any words could ever express. Until Jericho screams “Fight back! Get up!” Slade finally says “Jericho, you’re my son.” The only other book that made me feel this way, was the Vision. (Which is nominated for a much-deserved Eisner as well)

Jericho and Deathstroke

Guess who’s back? The Red fucking Lion. The dialogue with Rose and Matthew (The Red Lion) was absolutely stunning. I was on the edge of my seat thinking “What the fuck is he going to do?!” Absolutely amazing.

The Ravager is fucking back! And her allegiance is finally determined. Nothing can ever go right for Slade, but he will never lose anything. As he loses one child, he gains the other.

Let’s talk about the art. Joe Bennett is fucking amazing. How this man portrays such emotion, I will never understand. Even through Joey’s mask, it’s easy to read his emotions, angry and distraught.

Okay, now with the cons. This issue doesn’t clear up who killed that character. Also, the ending is great, but it doesn’t match up with the crossover or the last issue of Titans. Maybe the Crossover will address it, but it could be an unaccounted failure.


With everything that goes on and the botched ending, I score this book a 4.5/5