Doom Patrol: One Of The Best Books Out Now

“I’m a negative space in a negative world.”

The World’s Strangest Heroes are in the spotlight again after five years and it is glorious. Doom Patrol (2016) is a part of DC’s comic line, Young Animal.  YA was developed in collaboration with Doom Patrol writer, Gerard Way. This gives the book room to breathe/ it’s own corner in the DC universe, which is just what Doom Patrol needs. Not intersecting constantly with the greater DC universe is actually a positive.

So let’s back up with a little history lesson on Doom Patrol. Originally conceived from Arnold Drake the group of three people, Cliff Steele AKA Robotman ( Racecar Driver turned Robot ). Rita Farr AKA Elasti-Girl ( Actress turned Shape changing heroine ) and last but not least, Larry Trainor AKA Negative Man ( Pilot turned host of a Negative Spirit ) led by Niles Caulder AKA Chief ( super smart leader of the group ). Yep I know, the group has a striking resemblance to another superhero team full of freaks and an old guy in a wheelchair; but the Doom Patrol actually predate the X-Men by for months June 1963 – September 1963.

Back to the 2016 run which captures the feel of the team unlike any other since the Grant Morrison run, Nick Derington’s art completely sells the wacky off-kilter action that this book achieves. The Introduction of Casey Brinke gives new readers the perfect lense to see the unorthodox locations and characters through. You can definitely see the call-backs to previous runs and in my opinion it doesn’t try to out-weird any other runs just for the sake of it ( which is definitely a plus ) and success in being its own thing.

The characterization is definitely one of it’s stronger points, all the characters feel 3-dimensional and all their actions seem in-character. I strongly encourage anyone with even a hint of interest to check this out, it’s only on issue 8 so the catch-up isn’t that extensive. In addition it’s got negative man and it what crazy world is that not a plus. 🙂