HEY! We Also Have A Twitch Channel!

That’s right. We’re not just a website where community members are able to fan as hard as possible and write about the stuff they love. We have a Twitch channel with live shows that YOU can get in on. For instance, the newest episode of our flagship show, YOUR MOM’S BASEMENT happens EVERY WEDNESDAY @ 8pm pacific. Get in on the live chat and maybe even come on for an episode. Did you miss the live show? S’all good. We archive the episodes over on a Youtube channel!  AND we have a dedicated Discord chat fast approaching 300 members all interacting 24/7 around the world.


So hit the jump for the latest talk from Ian, Savanna and myself (KirkFM!) over the newest comics this week and general tomfoolery. Then hit (AND SUBSCRIBE) to Twitch.tv/ComicBlackBook to check out our other shows (and of course video game streams like, duh). It also has ALL THE LINKS to the Discord and our various socials to connect with us and other community members directly.


Do it and happy reading!