Indie Creator Noah Baas on his Self-Published Series ‘I Never Forgot!’

First off let me give you a little insight about me. I don’t read much big 2. That doesn’t mean I don’t read comics, I’m just on the indie side of the spectrum! Image for the most part but I’m also talking about the very indie ones that are put up and given a shot on Kickstarter by their creators. That’s where I got my start too! Back in 2015 I started writing my very own series about a drifter who wants to accomplish one last goal before he can pass happily. Set in the zombie apocalypse and dealing with real issues many of us face these days such as love, loss, and even trust. I’m getting a little ahead of myself so let me tell you a little more about how I got set onto this path of making my own comic.

It began with a sketch I did of a zombie puppet holding a rose. It was just an innocent daily sketch that really stuck in my mind. I couldn’t seem to shake it. Given a little more time, a rough outline to a story, a pitch to friends, and a little concept art…and they were excited to be able to start reading along as I wrote it! I had no actual experience and formal art training, but I’d been in the art world for a couple years at this point making paintings and doing art shows. I had started building my own little cult following and even started to help other artists build their confidence and work more with their art. I started picking up more comics and that’s when I befriended Kirk on social media and saw what he was trying to do with a community for comics. I was onboard since day one and they’ve helped me find certain titles to help me improve upon all the skills I’ve been working on. With each new title and storyline I’m able to continue my education and work towards making my comic series even better! From my first issue when I was working with a regular pen and computer paper to now with bristol and a brush pen – we all start somewhere and I’m grateful I decided to take a chance with my story!

I compare the story being similar to that first season of The Walking Dead and when there was real purpose and intention in the characters actions. The drifter knows what he wants and is working towards getting it with every favor and step he takes. Now with the 7th issue published, the story is half way to completion. He has found a friend along the way and they are watching each other’s backs. The first arc (Trust) and trade encompass the first four issues and set up this little world we are playing in. The story is being told via these puppets and that’s the aesthetic I’ve chosen for various reasons. The next two issues will bring the Love Arc to a close before starting the final (Respect) Arc. With each little bit I write and draw – this little world becomes more real and it’s been a delight seeing them evolve along with the story.

I’ve learned plenty these past years and I’m excited to see what the next two have in store for me and this story. I would love for you to join me along this path too! From the first con I went to with Issue 1…to the next year with the first trade…and now already completed half the story, the future is looking pretty wonderful. It’s not lost on me how lucky I am to be chasing my dream but I’m even happier when people take a chance on my story. 2 years later and about to start work on the 8th issue, I can’t even begin to count my blessings. This community I’ve found with CBB has definitely been vital for me as a rock to continue making me strive to become better and be along some of these greats they talk about every week. To all those who are thinking about starting a project – there’s no better feeling then getting past that initial start. The longer you wait, the further that goal line is getting so it’s time to take your project and get moving on it! We all have our own story to tell. Along with that we all have a little flame inside of us so all you need to do is take a deep breath and feed that fire some oxygen and start telling the world YOUR story!

You can find me across the internet on my YouTube channel and Twitter under the name Samuraiox, support me making my comics on, and buying physical copies directly from me: or on Comixology:

Along with that you can look forward to a new short story in an anthology soon! Here’s some progress shots of that: