Let’s Talk About That Domino Casting

Ryan Reynolds posted a not-so-teaser of Zazie Beetz as she’ll appear as Domino in the upcoming, and probably hilarious Deadpool sequel on his twitter yesterday. And we need to talk about it. Before I nerd rage with my major gripes I have with it, take a gander for yourself.



Domino is often written as a pretty sassy character in the comics, which is clearly depicted here in how she’s posed (the nerve). She’s also known to also have a give-no-fucks attitude that is able to steal the spotlight from her X-Force team members, showcased here as she’s mocking a teaser from the first Deadpool movie using poor wade as the stand-in for the bear skin rug. (I thought Deadpool was going to be the main star of his movie? SAD!) She’s adorned with an arsenal of deadly weapons and body tight leather tactical attire, which again I need to point out, is blatantly ripped from the comics. And as the final insult, her birthmark is in the EXACT SAME PLACE AS IT IS IN THE BOOKS. The hell, people? How goddamn dare they faithfully draw from the comics to influence the on-screen version? I need to know who let this happen and what we do about it? Because, I for one, will march to the theater opening night and throw my money at a movie that has raised my expectations to levels that they will probably be met and will take away my ability to bitch about it afterwards. I’ve already made this my desktop background. Such bullshit.


What do you think of on-screen Domino’s look? Comment down below as we all start to climb onto the Deadpool 2 hype train.


Deadpool 2 is slated to drop sometime in 2018.