Mister Miracle Comes Back to DC Comics

During a Paste Magazine interview, it was announced two of the most beloved Jack Kirby creations would be making their return to DC Comics with Tom King, the mastermind behind series like Marvel’s The Vision, Omega Men, alongside Sheriff of Babylon’s artist Mitch Gerads.

Mister Miracle first appeared in Mister Miracle #1, in which Big Barda also debuted in issue 4 of the series. The original title went for 18 issues making it the longest running title of the Fourth World lineup. Others like New Gods and Forever People were cancelled after short 11 issue runs. Scott Free is the son of Highfather, ruler of New Genesis, and his wife Avia. Raised in one of Granny Goodness’ Terror Orphanages on Apokolips due to a treaty, he eventually escapes and makes his way to Earth where he meets Thaddeus Brown, a circus escape artist, and the original Mister Miracle, who befriends and mentors Scott. After the tragic murder of Thaddeus Brown, Scott took up the mantle and thus starting the saga that is Mister Miracle. Later, Big Barda, originally of the Female Furies, joins Scott in his war against Darkseid. Big Barda is famously based on Jack Kirby’s wife and is shown as taller and stronger than Scott Free and fiercely protective of him. She is one of the first female characters in comics to shatter normative gender roles and expectations in mainstream comics.

The upcoming King and Gerads title will deal with Kirby’s Fourth World storylines of neo-Christian mythology and dive into Mister Miracles failure to escape his past and upbringing in Apokolips. Although much is unknown about the series we know that Mister Miracle will see a 12-issue series run this August.