Neil The Geek Father’s Weekly #1 Picks for 18th October 2017

Again thanks to everyone that watched our second episode of Geeks n’Booze on We had a great discussion about the cartoons we watched in our youth. Ranging from Thundercats as kids to anime in our teens. If you want to watch, feel free to click that link above.

Back to normality this week, as in none of the big two are opted for. One pick, due to a lack of new #1’s that tickled my fancy. Thanks to fellow CBB community member Hambone for pointing me in the direction of this weeks pick.

The previous week’s picks

Glad to report that both the DC and Marvel picks I made in my previous post, were exceptional. Sean Murphy’s Batman: White Knight was a great call back to the Burton-verse and the animated series. Gareth Ennis’s Punisher: The Platoon was a treat for all fans of Ennis’s writing of Frank Castle. Yes, essentially set-up but you certainly get an idea of what road it’s going down.

This week’s picks

Kid Lobotomy (Black Crown/IDW Publishing)

Story: Peter Milligan

Art: Tess Fowler

Colourist: Lee Loughbridge

Cast your mind back to April and the news that Vertigo Comics executive editor and vice president Shelly Bond was being let go due to company restructuring. 23 years Shelly Bond had been with Vertigo and within that time she’d worked on famed titles like “The Sandman“, “The Invisibles” and “Fables“.

But from bad news, came good news. Shelly Bond announced she was starting her new creator-owned imprint Black Crown at IDW Publishing. From a press release at IDW, the title “Black Crown” not only represents the creator-owned imprint but also a pub that anchors a mysterious street that connects each creator-owned title. Looks like we have a new shared comic book universe to drool over.

Situated at the cross street of Great Yarn and Canon, the Black Crown Pub anchors a peculiar street where characters commingle and corrupt.

Debut title on Black Crown is Kid Lobotomy from the creative team of Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler. Milligan was part of the so-called “British Invasion” of American comics in the late 80’s, which saw DC publish Milligan’s six-issue miniseries entitled Skreemer. For me though, I have fond memories of Bad Company in 200AD, a series I must pick up again. He also went on to revamp Steve Ditko’s Shade the Changing Man, took over from Grant Morrison on Animal Man and also became the regular writer for Batman in Detective Comics. Impressive credentials, which you can add artist Tess Fowler into the mix.

Tess Fowler’s art was introduced to me this year, through covers for Natasha Alterici’s phenomenal “Heathen” on Vault Comics. Then during an episode of Geeks n’Booze co-host Gwazy mentioned Rat Queens on Image Comics. Researching that title I found more of Tess’s high quality of work. Loving the cartoonish style and damn is it emotive, just look at those face above.


Kafka meets King Lear by way of Young Frankenstein in KID LOBOTOMY, a dark, demented, monthly satire that follows a dysfunctional family of hoteliers. Will sibling rivalry, seduction, and shapeshifting eventually lead to sanity or salvation?

Big Daddy is a rich hotelier who, in a cracked echo of King Lear, appoints his youngest descendant to manage The Suites, a peculiar hotel located behind the Black Crown Pub. Affectionately known as Kid, his good looks and swagger can’t hide a rough childhood of strange therapies and brain operations that have awakened inner demons and psychodramas. This, of course, makes him eminently qualified to perform lobotomies. A failed rockstar/successful madman gets one last chance to prove his worth-and regain his sanity-by turning the hotel that was once his childhood sanctuary into a lucrative business, despite a host of obstacles-including his own sister-who would love nothing more than to see him fail miserably.

Like me, if you’re looking for a new mature readers imprint, that’s horror based and full of ghosts and other oddities. Then Black Crown’s Kid Lobotomy seems to be the title to pick up. Shelly Bond and Peter Milligan have worked together a lot over the years. And with the creative freedom they have on this co-created title, the Black Crown shared comic universe is one I am seriously intrigued about.

Let me know in the comments below if you picked this one up and what are your thoughts.

Enjoy NCBD and remember, READ MORE COMICS!!!