Neil The Geek Father’s Weekly #1 Picks for 19th July 2017

Wednesday, the day of fresh smelling comics. A sweet smelling essence I adore but for me today sees more digital smelling comics. Yes, my pull list of physical comics has dropped considerably. I am only pulling 4 issues that are physical, all the rest are digital. This is solely down to a storage issue, which due to being a parent is kind of obvious. Do not panic I am still supporting my local comic book shop by ordering posh hardcovers through them.

Let me once again start with an apology for missing the past two weeks. Work and home commitments took a priority.


Time & Vine
IDW Publishing
Writer and Artist: Thomas F. Zahler

Do you desire something completely different to read? A change from superheroes, demons or terrifying dystopian futures? Time & Vine maybe what you and I are after.

Lately, a large number of the best-selling comics seem to have been the horror genre. This is not a complaint, I myself have been reading these and loving every page. I just need something different. Something to make me cheerful and at the same time put a smile on my grumpy old face. When I read the synopsis of Thomas Zahler’s Time & Vine comic I instantly saw something entirely different. Just take a moment and read the synopsis below.

A grade school history teacher, looking for a respite from her life’s problems, finds the ultimate escape when the owner of a local winery reveals its secret to her: drink the right glass of wine in the right tasting room and travel back in time to the year it was bottled. Together, they’ll journey through the history of the 200-year old winery? as well as their own.

Elements of sci-fi with a possibility of time travel but to me, that concept is the winner here. Drink a bottle of wine, travel back to the year it was bottled. You could have so much fun with a concept like that, just think about it. What year would you choose?

Time & Vine is my top pick of the new #1’s this week.

Image Comics
W: Grace Ellis, A: Kate Leth

This pick was chosen with Kirk on Comic Black Book in mind. The man likes Lumberjanes but more so his Mum. So actually, this pick is for Kirk’s Mum.

Grace Ellis was one of the creators behind the critically acclaimed Lumberjanes. Which went on to win two Eisner awards in 2015 as well as a GLAAD nomination. Though I have not picked up a single issue of Lumberjanes… yet. Due to the amount of love I hear from the likes of Kirk and the comic community I will definitely be giving Moonstruck a chance.

How can anyone read that synopsis below and not think this will be an incredibly entertaining read.

A NEW ONGOING SERIES from Lumberjanes creator GRACE ELLIS and talented newcomer SHAE BEAGLE that tells a story of monsters, romance, and magical hijinks! The first arc also includes an additional short story with artist KATE LETH! Fantasy creatures are living typical, unremarkable lives alongside humans, and barista Julie strives to be the most unremarkable of all. Normal job, normal almost-girlfriend, normal…werewolf transformations that happen when she gets upset? Yikes! But all bets are off when she and her centaur best friend Chet find themselves in the middle of a magical conspiracy. Will Julie and Chet be able to save their friends? Is Julie’s dogged determination to be normal a lost cause? Who’s going to watch the coffee shop while our heroes are out saving the world?? These questions and more will be answered in MOONSTRUCK.

Somewhat of a refreshing change from Image Comics. Did not see this as something they would have put out. It’s a huge step away from some of the dark/edgy stories they already publish. Art by Shae Beagle is gorgeous, with a slight look of Bee and PuppyCat by Natasha Allegri. It’s also Shae Beagle’s first published work, so congratulations to her on that.

Sisters of Sorrow
BOOM! Studios
W: Kurt Sutter A: Courtney Alameda

Going through the week’s new #1 releases, this cover totally stood out from the rest. Nuns with guns!!

Writer Kurt Sutter has only created one comic prior to Sisters of Sorrow, Lucas Stand and I have heard good things about that. He’s also no stranger to crime drama, he created the long running television series Sons of Anarchy. That’s some pretty hefty credentials right there.

Teaming up with Sutter on writing duties is horror novelist Courtney Alameda and art is by breakthrough artist Hyeonjin Kim. After reading an interview with Alameda and finding out she had experienced intimate partner abuse herself, this could be a very powerful read. Kick-ass action with a team of women struggling with real life abuse, while setting out on some vigilante justice.

By day, Dominique, Greta, Misha, and Sarah run a non-profit women’s shelter. At night, they each don a nun’s habit and move through Los Angeles hunting down violent abusers who have escaped justice. Their increasingly public vigilantism has earned them the nickname Sisters of Sorrow and has drawn the ire of L.A.’s notorious anti-crime task force.

That’s my picks for the new #1’s for the week. Remember this is just my choice, you may have picked something else up. If so please add to the comments below.

So until next week……….READ MORE COMICS!!!



  • Lazarus19

    So excited for moonstruck !!!!! I love Lumberjanes and Grace Ellis is super cool so i was pretty much sold on that one

    And Time & Vine has me interested it sounds like a romance book tbh which is kindah why im interested cant think of allot of books comic out today that have romance as a focus

    As for the Nun comic i think ill wait till were a few issues in before seeing whats what

    • neilthatsmyname

      Huge thanks for the comment Laz. I seriously loved Time & Vine, something completely refreshing, that is away from the huge amount of dark comic stories I have been reading a lately.

      Not had chance to read the other two titles yet.