Neil The Geek Father’s Weekly #1 Picks for 26th July 2017

Wednesday, I think we all know by now what that means. Lovely, lovely NEW COMICS!

Last Week’s Picks

From last week’s picks, I was only able to read Time & Vine but what a choice that was. I mentioned it in my post but I have been reading an abundance of horror, sci-fi comics and needed something a bit more uplifting. Time & Vine brought a huge smile to my face, so much so that I read it three times in one sitting. Bright, colourful art with a story that’s very master and apprentice in its writing. If you’re looking for something beyond the never-ending superhero antics or terrifying dystopian futures, go give Time & Vine a read.

This Week’s Picks

Vault Comics
W: Colin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing
A: Nathan Gooden

We at Comic Black Book are no strangers to Vault Comics. Founded in 2016, they are already growing from strength to strength. Titles like Colossi, Fissure, Failsafe and Heathen to name but a few are exceptional. Each one sticking to Vault’s plan of delivering some of, if not the best creator-owned science fiction and fantasy comics on the market.

What can we expect from new comic Zojaqan (pronounced ZOH-jah-KHAN)?

Well with Joyride (BOOM! Studios) writers Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing and art by Nathan Gooden (Powerless), I think we have yet another winner. Jackson Lanzing spoke to CBR in May saying that himself and Collin Kelly wanted to write a fantasy story like no other, something altogether different. Looking back at Joyride I’d have to say that Zojaqan looks just that, as well as being incredibly ambitious. Gooden’s art looks mesmerising, mix that with colours from Vittorio Astone and you get one beautiful looking comic.

Grieving mother Shannon Kind awakens on a primordial world, mysteriously wielding the power to shape its destiny. Will she be this world’s saviour – or its destroyer? A fantasy epic that’s equal parts Red Sonja, Dune, and Slaughterhouse Five. Can you survive ZOJAQAN?

Zojaqan is my top pick of new #1 comics out this week.

Alien Bounty Hunter
Vault Comics
W: David M. Booher, Adrian Wassel
A: Nick Robles

Another new Vault Comics release, two in the same week. Told you they were going from strength to strength.

On first hearing the title I’ll be honest it didn’t peak my interest but when hearing the creative team Vault had behind this title I was fully onboard. Alien Bounty Hunter is written by award-winning writer Adrian F. Wassel (The Gifted) and David M. Booher (Powerless), from a story by Levinson and F.J. DeSanto, with striking art from rising star Nick Robles. Nick Robles is someone to look out for in the future, his art is stunning. I rarely do this but head over to and gorge your eyes with art. That Big Trouble Escaping New York cover… oh my!!

Sorry, I’ll stop the drooling.

There may be something resembling Men in Black and I get that, but this looks a great deal more adult in its story telling.

Ben Madsen is a bounty hunter from Arcadia. Yeah, he knows how that sounds, but the job has its perks. He’s got time to take care of his aunt, a community that loves him, and the transition from USMS made sense. Following a newsworthy takedown, Madsen is offered a bail he can’t ignore. It’s attached to a ridiculously dangerous-sounding fugitive, but aren’t they always? Unfortunately for Madsen, his mark is not from Arcadia, and the city he’ll be tracking him through… well, nobody knows it exists.


John Carpenter’s Tales of Science
Storm King Comics
W: John Carpenter A: Andres Esparza

Horror legend John Carpenter, the writer-director-producer behind such classic films as Halloween, Assault on Precinct 13 and The Thing is turning his hand to comics. As you might expect these comics aren’t for kids.

Teaming up with his wife and collaborator Sandy King, Tales of Science Fiction will be a monthly anthology series that will delve into the darkness and wonder the genre has to offer.

“Vault” is the title of the first three-issue arc, which has been written by James Ninnes with art by Andres Esparza. Carpenter from what I have read seems to have walked away from the studio industry. So it’s great to see him still wanting to tell his stories/ideas through a different medium.

When the moon-bound crew of Gaia stumbles across an enormous alien vessel, more technologically advanced than their own, priorities change. The mystery deepens when the crew discovers the name of the vessel along the hull written in English: ‘Vault.’

We even get a slick motion trailer for the comic, along with some signature Carpenter synths.

That’s my 3 picks for this week. What you picking up? Something different? Then let me know in the comments below.

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