Neil The Geek Father’s Weekly #1 Picks for May 24th, 2017

It’s that day of the week again NEW COMIC BOOK DAY.

So what does this week’s choice of new #1’s have install for us all? Well before we get into that, how did last week’s choices fair? Out of the five I picked, two were outstanding, one was appalling, one is pushed to this week (Destroyer) and one I never read, due to it being part of an ongoing story. If you do some simple investigative work, last weeks post points out which was the appalling one

Onto this week.

James Bond: Service

Bond seems to have been on a huge resurgence since 2005 when Daniel Craig took on the role of the titular MI6 agent in Casino Royale. Pushing the movies into a more modern day feel and away from the cheesy action of the earlier movies. Ten years after that, Dynamite Entertainment announced they were to publish a new monthly ongoing series. This was part of a ten-year licensing deal with Ian Fleming Publications. Warren Ellis was chosen by the Fleming Estate (high praise if you ask me) to write. And at Ellis’s request Jason Masters was brought on for the art. James Bond 007: VARGR was born, it was a fantastic read and something I would highly recommend you pick up in trade.

Now in 2017 we have a one-shot title, James Bond: Service. Still on Dynamite but written by one of our favourite writers at Comic Black Book, Kieron Gillen. Famed for WicDiv, Phonogram and Young Avengers, Gillen definitely has the experience to write a great character story. And with the title looking like it’s set in World War 2, I am really intrigued to see how Gillen writes this. I mean come on he wrote Uber!

Art is by Antonio Fuso (Karnak #2, 2000AD), Cover art is by Jamie McKelvie.

James Bond: Service is my pick of the new #1’s this week and I cannot wait to pick it up.

In contemporary politics, where Britain’s world standing is often more zero than 007, an assassin plans to exterminate the ‘special relationship,’ and lead Britain and the United States into a very dark place…especially when he does so by aiming down the sights of an ancient Enfield rifle! It’ll test Bond’s deadly talents to their limits, in order to defeat the assassin and avert certain geopolitical disaster.

The Normals
Aftershock Comics

From the writer behind the TV show Supernatural (now that’s something I thought I would never type), comes The Normals.

I don’t have much background knowledge when it comes to the Supernatural series, or anything that writer Adam Glass has previously helmed within comics. But for me, Aftershock Comics is currently high on my list of fave publishers. Titles like Animosity, Eleanor and the Egret, Babyteeth and World Reader are some incredibly marvelous reads. And with that in mind, The Normals is something that I will definitely give a chance.

Art is by Dennis Calero (Farscape, X-Men Noir)

Think about your “life” for a moment…the people you’ve known, the one’s you’ve loved, and all the stuff in between. Now imagine you learned that everything YOU believed, everything YOU lived, everything YOU felt actually never happened…it was ALL not real. But it is REAL to YOU and you now must fight to save it and everyone you love. But to do that, you first have to save the world.

Top Cow Productions

I have always said that in comics, and with most things, you learn something new everyday, and today I learnt that Top Cow Productions is a parent company of Image Comics.

Since 1998 Matt Hawkins, writer of Samaritan, has been President of Top Cow Productions and with successful titles including Think Tank and Eden’s Fall under his belt, surely Samaritan will be worth a try. A strong female lead, who tries to take down a large military contractor. Erin Brockovich this is not!

Art is by Atilio Rojo (IXTH Generation, Transformers)

A woman with a vendetta decides she’s going to take down the largest military contractor in the world and has the means and a plan that just might work. How do you bankrupt one of the richest, most technologically advanced and successful companies in the world? You steal all their research and give it away to everyone. Can she survive long enough to pull it off with the entire U.S. government trying to kill her?

Well that’s it for this week. Somewhat quiet with new #1’s but for me, that makes it a stronger and cheaper week to try out some fresh titles.

Once again, this is my choice of the new titles. If you picked up something new then let us know in the comments below.