NEWS: Kitty Pryde Film in the Works with Brian Michael Bendis & Tim Miller

Tim Miller, who you may know as the director of Deadpool, and Brian Michael Bendis are said to be working on an X-Men film that will focus on our very own Kitty Pryde, Bendis serving as the script writer. Under the codename “143”, this spinoff film will focus on the mutant bombshell, which is played by Ellen Page, who appeared in X-Men’s Last Stand and X-Men’s Days of Future Past.

The codename is said to be a reference to Uncanny X-Men #143 which depicts a solo adventure in which Kitty fights a demon in the X-Mansion on her own. Chris Claremont and John Byrne created the story and was published in 1981.

As you may already know, Bendis made industry wide news by signing an exclusive contract with DC Comics after being with Marvel for close to two decades. So, this move is surprising and exciting at the same time. As for Miller, his X-Film Deadpool went to gross 783 million worldwide becoming the highest grossing X-Men film! first reported on this news in January 2018 when the project was first announced to be in development.