Review: A.D. After Death

A.D After Death

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Jeff Lemire

Published by Image Comics

Comics do not always need seven panels on every page and a super powered hero to save the day. Fantastic tales of invincible men with super strength can be exciting, but it’s the stories about average men who do not always make the best decisions that can teach the greatest of lessons. Scott Snyder, best known for his prolific and still going run on Batman, teamed up with artist Jeff Lemire to bring us a story that pushes the comic book medium to new heights. A.D. After Death tells the story of an average man afraid of death in a melding of prose style writing and comic book panels.

Our protagonist is an average man named Jonah. Jonah is a professional thief and modular house salesman. His need to steal and his need to record everything comes from his fear of death, a fear that stems from the loss of his parents and unborn brother. This life of thieving eventually leads him to a rich and powerful man that is capable of ending Jonah’s greatest fear. But when Jonah loses his ability to die, is it what he truly wanted?

With longer stories, especially in a medium like comics, the ending needs to pay off. You don’t want a story like Batman: Knightfall that drags on for three huge books, but doesn’t ever truly pay off. A.D. After Death delivers with a truly powerful ending, that will leave you thinking for hours. Snyder crafts a relatable story jumping from prose writing that are Jonah’s own journal entries, to panels where we get to see through Jonah’s very own eyes. It’s that jump between two styles that helps give us a look into Jonah’s mind and then also face his harsh realities.

Lemire’s art in this book perfectly compliments Snyder’s melancholic writing. His loose lines perfectly portray depressed faces to quirky smiles. The water colors on pages of just text are also beautiful in themselves, but subtle enough to not distract from Snyder’s words. In A.D. After Death, Lemire shows his true capability as an artist, not needing to rely on his own words, but being able to compliment someone else.

The all-star team of Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire deliver a story that is bigger than Batman and even comics as a whole. A.D. After Death will be considered a classic for years to come.

I would recommend this book to:

fans of Jeff Lemir’s creator owned stuff, and Sci-Fi.

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