Review: Fu Jitsu #1

Am a sucker for all things martial arts, in fact, am a sucker for anything that comes from East Asia. My love of the culture, the films, the food, is equal to the love for my children (I jest). But in all honesty, I seriously love that part of the world. A love that began 27 years ago after sitting down to watch my first Jackie Chan movie “The Young Master”.

Since that day, anything that comes from, or references East Asia and I’m fully invested. So when putting together my weekly “New #1s” article for Comic Black Book and researching what was released this week, Fu Jitsu instantly grabbed my attention.

East Asia checklist, title… CHECK, possible martial artist…CHECK and what’s that I see… AFTERSHOCK COMICS… oh, am categorically onboard.

Aftershock Comics are becoming one of my favourite indie publishers. Titles like Dark Ark, Eleanor and the Egret, Animosity and Jimmy’s Bastards are phenomenal pieces of work. Which now brings me to their latest release from Jai Nitz and Wesley St. Claire, Fu Jitsu.

Straight from the off, we’re introduced to Jitsu, an un-ageing boy genius with all the Kung Fu styles covered. Crane Style, Tiger Style, Snake Style, Mantis Style and Dragon Style (I so hope we get the drunken style in this series). With some sharp wit and a knack for bringing real-world science into the realm of mystical Kung Fu, Jitsu is a wonderful character to read. A character who has one hell of an extreme way of finding enlightenment

We then quickly move to the introduction of our main antagonist, Robert Wadlow. A maniacal, towering, madman who is hell-bent on ruling the world (who doesn’t!). Wes St. Claire’s art truly stands out on the pages that introduce Wadlow. With bold neon-esque colours, against a moon-lit cityscape that gives Wadlow a menacing presence.

Two elements that Jai Nitz does VERY WELL in this first issue is the introduction of its lead characters and the story setup. Quite frankly plenty of comics get bogged down in character development and story building. Fujitsu, on the other hand, gives you the basic knowledge of who’s the good guys and who’s bad guys all within the first 10 pages. And then James Dean appears… yes, JAMES DEAN!!

Am not going to go any further as I don’t want to add masses of spoilers. What I do want is you to go out and buy a comic that is entertaining, unpretentious and shit loads of fun. That comic is Fu Jitsu.

Rating: 4/5


Writer: Jai Nitz

Artist: Wesley St. Claire

Letterer: Ryane Hill

Published by: Aftershock Comics

Release Date: September 27, 2017