Review: Nova #6: BLUE BLAZES!

Nova #6

Writen by Jeff Loveness, Ramon Perez

Arty by Scott Hepburn

Cover by Ramon Perez

On the penultimate issue of its title’s announced cancellation, “Nova” issue 6 is without a doubt the small run’s best issue.


When it was originally announced that this current “Nova” title was ending after issue 7 I was bummed to say the least. We finally get Richard Rider back, and now he is once again taken away from us. Now after reading issue 6, I’m devastated. This is the best Nova we’ve gotten since Rich and Peter Quill sacrificed their lives back in “Thanos Imperative”. Writers Jeff Loveness and Ramon Perez are really going out with a bang.

Hydra Cap? Pfft loser.

The story picks up with Rich going back to the Cancerverse to confront his metaphorical and literal demons. We finally get to see what happened with Rich in-between sending Thanos, Drax and Star-Lord home after Brian Michael Bendis’ three issue arc in “Guardians” during “Original Sin”. Believe me when I tell you this is the issue we’ve been waiting for, it’s fantastic. Seeing Rich suffer alone in that nightmare reality and be at the mercy of the Revengers over and over, yet keep on fighting in that way all of us Rider fans know and love was just what I needed. And seeing Cancerverse Captain America is always a highlight.

This issue I think will really get the character of Richard across really well to the many people that probably have only ever known Sam Alexander as their Nova. While they are both helmet wearing heroes calling themselves Nova that’s really where the similarities end.

Newcomer to the book, artist Scott Hepburn’s art fits the tone of the story very well. One of my biggest complaints on the run was the art of Perez in the previous issues. While not bad by any means, it just never felt right for the story.

Unfortunately we’ve come to the negatives of the issue. It still appears as though nobody currently at Marvel knows how the Nova Force works. If Richard used his power to power the cosmic cube that he left behind, how have he and Sam been using their powers? Maybe he only used some and that’s why he has appeared weaker? Also, in “Thanos Imperative” they made it pretty clear that the Cancerverse Thanos was out of the picture, so why is he there? Kind of an unforgivable oversight sense this issue deals directly with that story. And my final complaint is the use of Sam in this issue. A Richard Rider fanboy having a problem with Sam, what a shock right? Really the only problem I had was how he appeared in the issue. His entrance really killed the mood for me. And exactly how did he get there anyway?

Without getting super spoliery I can’t really be any more specific on why this the best Nova that’s been written in a long long time.If you are a long time Rider fan this is the issue you’ve been waiting for. Pick it up now! Let Marvel know this is the Nova we’ve been begging for. Tell them that it is imperative they pay attention at this time.

The hero we need.
0.5 Star Rating
out of 5