Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Danny Luckert, and Marie Enger

Published by Image comics

Release Date: May 11, 2017

Cullen Bunn may have had X-Men Blue hit the racks this week, but it’s his new ongoing title from Image Comics, REGRESSION that blew me away. With WYTCHES on a hiatus, I have been searching for a book to fill the creepy void, and REGRESSION is a book that is more than capable of that.

We meet our protagonist Adrian, in this slice of life, Archie comic world. But when Adrian begins to see maggots and worms crawling out of his friends faces, it’s pretty clear we are not in Riverdale. When Adrians friend Molly realizes something is not right, she insists that Adrian should visit her friend, a local hypnotist. REGRESSION takes a true turn into crazy when the hypnotist Sid Ferrel explains that the hallucinations Adrian is dealing with could be caused by something from his childhood, or even another life.

Bunn does a great job with making the reader be as scared for Adrian, as Adrian is for himself. The fear that Bunn builds is not the most impressive part of this story he has laid out, but it’s the amount of unanswered questions the reader is left with. REGRESSION #1 lays out like a perfect pilot episode. It gives the reader just enough to keep them satisfied, but leaves enough unanswered questions to make them come back.

At times I find Luckert’s slice of life style art to play a nice contrast to Bunn’s wicked story. The Archie like characters covered in maggots and blood helps make this story even scarier. Luckert also shows the ability to be able to place the reader perfectly within each panel, making you feel as if you’re there. The panel where Adrian is being hypnotized seems to melt away as Adrian drifts into a state of hypnosis. It’s panels such as this, that show off Luckert’s full potential. But I did find myself wondering if I would enjoy this book more with a less polished art style.

The color palette in this first issue was also very hit or miss. In the darker parts of the book, I found Marie Enger’s colors to be fine, but the skin tone of too many characters were that of a piece of paper.

But even with the art and colors not being to my personal liking, Bunn and co pull together a truly strong and horrifying first issue.

I would recommend this book to:

fans of physiological thrillers, and horror comics like Wytches.

0.5 Star Rating
out of 5