Review: Titans #11 (Lazarus Contract #1)

Titans #11 (Lazarus Contract #1)

Written by: Christopher Priest, Benjamin Percy, Dan Abnett

Art by: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund

Cover by: Mike McKone

Variant Cover by: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund

Art + Story

The much hyped Lazarus Contract is onto a good start. Not as strong as I was hoping for, but good enough. This issue begins with a showcasing of Grant Wilson’s death. Grant’s character was a mix of cocky, yet professional. I love these types of characters. The next scene has a bit more weight to it. Deathstroke’s emerged from the smoke, quick enough to witness his son’s death. Through the years, we’ve seen Slade and Grant bicker like a bunch of chickens, but Slade’s reaction to this is priceless.

As Grant dies in Slade’s arms, he asks “Did we kill the Titans?”. Slade comforts his son and answers “Yes. You got them all.” Afterwards, Grant dies peacefully, which nearly brought a tear to my eye. The art in this scene is great. Slade’s expressions are beautifully done through his mask. When Grant has finally passed, Slade vows that he will avenge his son.

After that, we get a half-assed explanation of what happened after Deathstroke #18. It may just be me, but after everything Slade’s done for Wintergreen, he still calls him Jackass? Might just be me, but I know that the words “thank you” exist. The art in this particular scene is pretty stiff and hard to stomach. After that dreadful hospital scene, the Titans are seen fighting “H.I.V.E.”

Wally’s been captured. The captor begins to press Wally for information about the Titans, and instead learns about the whole timeline change. Then something happens that I never expected to happen. The captor and Wally’s dialogue is highly believable and shows how these two people, who have known each other for years (well, not in this timeline) would act and talk. Also, anyone who’s been following the Meta-Wally story will get a good kick from the ending.

Okay, I’ve got a few cons though. Some of the interactions between the Titans are awkward and unbelievable. After Grant’s death scene, the art becomes very stiff. Also, Wally acted like a bit of a complete idiot. Aside from those, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


The scenes with Slade and Grant were very good and had some emotional weight. The art was sub par except for a few bits. The ending of Twilight is skimmed over and wasn’t presented or explored more.

So overall, I’d have to give it a…

0 Star Rating
out of 5