Rob’s Wild MCU Guesses: Inhumans (Part One)

Season 1 Gallery
Pictured: (From Left to Right) Eme Ikwuakor (Gorgon), Ken Leung (Karnak), Anson Mount (Black Bolt), Serinda Swan (Medusa), Isabelle Cornish (Crystal), Iwan Rheon (Maximus)

Inhumans (August 1, IMAX; August 29, ABC)

None of these predictions are based on the rumours, and I stress rumours, of the quality of the show, and I’m not going to say whether or not I think it’ll be good. Like most people, I have to wait until the end of September before I find out.

To start off with, while this show is only really dealing with the Royal Family, I consider it to be a sort of spin-off show to Agents of Shield. I’ll go more into that when I get to the Season Five predictions for that show, because those are partly going to be based off of this show.

Now, for the show itself.

There are aspects of the meta-show that Ive heard that have changed what I originally thought the plot would be, most notably that the Royals are already on the moon. I have wondered how this will tie into the Earth based story, and I think it’ll take two prongs. First, the idea that Black Bolt escapes to Earth to avoid Maximus’ plans makes sense from the sentimental angle – that is, Black Bolt doesn’t want to use his ability to harm family members (or inhumans in general), something that is common to many Inhuman stories.While down there, he learns how things have changed since they all left, including the appearance of other inhumans, the Agents of Shield ones.

The second prong is the scenes from the trailer which show other family members recruiting new inhumans. This is the interesting one to me. This means that whatever Maximus is doing, it’s enough for (probably) Gorgon to chase up on new people to join the inhumans on Attilan. This is probably what the writers see as the majority of the way that the show ties into the wider universe, if only the TV side of things for the time being. That said, I do feel strongly that the Inhuman franchise is the best bet for the much desired movie/TV crossover.

The ten episode plot wont be anything risky; it’ll focus on a (mostly) Jenkins/Lee-based Maximus coup against Black Bolt and Medusa. Ultimately, the coup will fail and Maximus will fall into line as a (mostly) faithful ally of his king; at least until he sees another opportunity to take over. He will also be against moving the city to Earth.

Black Bolt will come back from Earth and convince a reluctant Medusa to lobby the inhumans of Attilan to move the city to Earth as they cannot live sustainably on the moon. The appearance of both new inhumans and new terrigen will be the primary factors in this move happening.

This will be a hot debate topic amongst the common folk of Attilan, as terrigen there will be scarce and a large group will immediately come out in favour of moving since they see it as a chance to go through terrigenesis. Another group will come out against and it’ll be framed as a xenophobia analogue.

Going back to the Agents of Shield angle, for a moment, I’m somewhat on the fence about whether I think a major character from the show will turn up. I’d like Daisy to, simply because she’s the face of the Agents inhumans, but I don’t think that’ll happen. Maybe Yoyo or Joey, the guy they forgot about, the dude who could melt things. Whichever way they go, it needs to be unambiguous.

Character appearances notwithstanding, Inhumans will pick up on a few Agents of Shield themes that were dropped to make way for the other story arcs the show had since introducing inhumans. I expect mention to be made of inhuman colonies on Earth, both in the Afterlife sense and the Orollan sense – that is to say, ad hoc communities trying to survive and major tribes respectively. I also think we’ll see an allusion to the events of the last few seasons of Agents and I feel like this will be the final reason for Attilan to return to Earth – to bring these new inhumans into the family, to show them what their true heritage is.

Attilan being on Earth does raise the question of where it will end up. I originally thought it would be over NYC, as the more recent comic runs have it in, however, I have changed my mind on that and now expect it in the Himalayas so the movies and Netflix shows don’t have to worry about it for the most part.

Lockjaw and Karnak are obviously (to me, at least) the characters most viewers are going to favour, and they’ll get the appropriate amount of screen time. Karnak will have the bad-ass fights and Lockjaw will be cute and do dog things when he’s not being a taxi service.

If any characters are going to be criticised for being too different to the comics, I feel like it’ll be Gorgon and Triton, since we haven’t really seen much of them in the marketing. (Disclaimer, I haven’t seen a lot of the marketing by deliberate choice, but the forums I frequent make it hard to avoid everything.) I have no real reason for this aside from them sort of being the odd ones out in terms of where the focus has been. I also expect there to be the usual criticism of the costumes/look of those two, since they’re the ones who change the most physically through terrigenesis.

I read somewhere a while ago that there was a rumour that Maximus had yet to go through terrigenesis at the start of the show. If that’s true, then I expect it to have happened by the end. The knowledge of more terrigen on Earth will also change his plans, and possibly be the main reason he changes from against the Royal Family to for them.

Crystal forms the other aspect of the Agents/Inhumans duality, and while this will be more of a Shield prediction, I think it’s safe to assume that she will be announced as a recurring character for Season Five once the show starts properly, and on that note, I’ll have to leave you with this:

To be continued…

(Stay tuned for the next entry in this series: Thor: Ragnarök, sometime mid-late October…)