Rob’s Wild MCU Guesses: Punisher

Punisher (Who the hell knows? Netflix.)

So, this is supposed to be Thor: Ragnarök, but since I learnt today that Punisher was supposed to drop after their panel at NYCC this weekend, things got shifted around slightly. So, considering I don’t actually know whether the show will still drop this weekend, or whether it’ll be next week, as another source I saw said, or my anticipated date of Nov 10, you guys get this now. Lucky you.

Punisher seems to be separated from the rest of the Netflix corner of the MCU, and as such wont deal with what we saw in Luke Cage, Iron Fist or Defenders, with the exception of some references from Karen here and there. Much of which Frank wont care about in the slightest.

This is going to be a solo ride for Frank, focusing on his past. We don’t know what sort of time has passed between his leaving the military and when he showed up in season two of Daredevil, so what I’m thinking is the action in DD2 comes to the attention of whoever the antagonist for the season is and that sets off whatever plan they have for Frank, which is probably along the lines of framing him for something and letting him take the heat to avoid him coming after them for the way they treated him during his service, or it may even be the people who murdered his family.

Using his allies, including Karen and a stack of large guns, Frank will kill his way to the top level and there’ll be something which prevents him from ultimately killing the antagonist. This will be used as a hook for another season but it wont be used for a while. In fact, the next time we’ll see Frank will be in season two of Defenders.

There’s not likely to be any cameos of other Marvel characters, which will allow Frank to be the entire focus. There wont be any other tie-ins to other characters shows either, leaving Frank at a loose end at the end of the season, allowing for his whereabouts to be easily explained between now and Def2.

Punisher is that weird thing where people fell in love with his extended cameo in DD2 and got himself a show of his own for it. He doesn’t fit into The Hand story arc, or anything that happened in LC, so his connections to that wider world is limited. Still, I’m excited for whatever aspects of the Marvel U they adapt in the show. I just don’t know when it’s coming. Thanks Marvel.